Now operating at 100% capacity


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St. Patrick’s Day Brunch!

Join us on March 17th for St. Patrick­’s Day Brunch! Hot­tie Rob’s Mobile Eats will be serv­ing up Irish themed food all day so come get your­self some bangers and mash!

We’ll be tap­ping our two Col­lab beers when we open at 11am! We brewed a Hazy IPA with Mason Ale Works(San Mar­cos, CA) and a Fruit­ed Ket­tle Sour IPA with Down­hill Brew­ing Com­pa­ny(Park­er, CO).

At noon well tap our Whiskey BA Irish Red Firkin.

Make sure to wear green!

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March 15, 2019

Now operating at 100% capacity

Updated May 14, 2021

Per CDC guidance and Governor Polis’ recent press conference, Lone Tree Brewing Company is now operating at 100% capacity. Fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks in our brewery. Please call us at 303-792-5822 if you have any further questions.

Global Can shortage

During these difficult times, many obstacles have emerged and currently the brewing community is experiencing an aluminum can shortage. We at Lone Tree Brewing wanted to let our fans know that we are working hard to keep beer on the shelves. However, you may notice some of our cans will look slightly different than they typically do as we utilize cans from many irregular sources. Rest assured, the beer will remain true and we will continue to provide quality craft beer to our community.

Many cheers to our friends!